Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Consent & Authorisation of Medical Care

In case of medical emergency situations, pet owners have to agree to give WheekyCavies the authorization of medical care

1) WheekyCavies will be allowed to seek medical treatment deemed necessary by a licensed veterinarian and to execute any consent, release or waiver of liability required by the veterinarian to the provision of medical, surgical or other essential care to your pet by a qualified veterinarian medical personnel(s) without the approval from you

*WheekyCavies may authorize without your approval for veterinarian services including special prescription diets and/or medications up to a maximum of $100 (SGD). Any amounts over that, WheekyCavies or the veterinarian will contact you by phone or email for discussion and seek for approval before proceeding with the recommended medical treatment.

2) If you do not return for your pet(s) on the arranged pick up day, or within 7 subsequent days, and we are unable to contact you via the information you have provided, we will re-home your pet. Every effort will be made to have you reimburse boarding and re-homing costs.

However if we are unable to contact you after 7 days or receive any response from you, your piggies will be considered as abandoned.

WheekyCavies will then file a report for abandonment. Your pets may be put up in SPCA/ shelters/ societies. However we’ll try our best efforts to ensure that they are re-homed.

Please do not abandon your pets as abandonment is taken very seriously.

3) In the event that your pet(s) need to be sent to the vet due to its current medical condition declared or underlying conditions, all medical expenses incurred will be payable in full by you. This includes both declared and non-declared conditions or illnesses.

4) We reserve the right to change our prices in lieu of inflation while maintaining the same high level of standards of our boarding services.

5)  We accept pets that are ill and requires medications. If you have observed that your pet is ill or have been acting abnormally before boarding, please bring them to the vet first and we will continue to care for your pets while you are away.

6) If your pet becomes ill whilst in our care, we will contact you or your nominated contact immediately, and consult our vet. If medical attention is required we will transport your pet to our vet to receive treatment. If we are unable to contact you or your nominated contact regarding sickness, the vet has the legal right to use their discretion in deciding the appropriate course of action to alleviate any suffering to your pet.

7) We do not charge additional costs for the bringing of your pets to and fro vet visits. However, all expenses for transportation and vet visits will be borne by you and reimbursed in full to us upon checking out.

8) We sincerely ask that you keep to agreed appointment times as we cannot guarantee to be available outside of these arranged times.

9) We do not ask for a non-refundable fee on booking confirmation as we understand that certain circumstances outside of control could arise and cause a change in the arrangements.

10) We reserve the right to charge for any extra days of boarding in the event of late collection.

Exclusion of Liability

1) In the unlikely event that your pet passes away whilst in our care, we will contact you immediately for your instructions. WheekyCavies accept no liability if you’re pet becomes ill or passes away during their stay with us.

2) We accept no liability for any injury sustained by you whilst on our premises.

3) Our pet transporters have a wealth of experience in pet care management and will do their best in ensuring the safety of your pets. However, in the event that your pets are injured due to any unforeseen circumstances not within theirs and our control, neither them nor us will be held liable.

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