How do you keep your guinea pigs happy?
Hi there
In my previous posts, I have mentioned that keeping your guinea pig healthy will also make it happy. They love eating so as long as they have food and are eating well, they’ll be happy.
That is not all actually. Just like us, they will get bored if they are left alone and they’ll end up being unhappy. Sometimes that will even cause them to eat less and you might notice a drop in their weight. Here will be some of the things you can do to keep them happy.
  1. If you first started out getting just 1 piggy, maybe you should get him or her a companion when you feel you’re ready to. Having another playmate will definitely make your piggy so much happier.
  1. Food, food and more food. Keep their food bowls and racks filled with hay and pellets. That way they will never have to go hungry at all. Do dispose of leftover hay that have not been eaten for a few days. They tend to get a little fussy over leftovers so no point leaving them inside, they will not eat them. Remember to change their water daily too!
  1. Play with them daily if you can to let them get used to you. Guinea pigs love predictable routines so you can set up a relatively fixed timing where they will have their daily veggie treats.
  1. Clean cage! Guinea pigs are very clean animals. They groom themselves daily to keep clean. Do clean their cage whenever it gets dirty or if you managed to potty train your piggies, clean out the litter area every time it gets dirty and filled.
  1. They like entertainment. Include some fun items in their cage so that they get to have something different to do in their cage. You can get a hay ball, hideouts, cosy cups and chew toys such as apple sticks and Alfafa cubes. They like those kind of stuffs so you can get them more toys.
  1. Any other handmade toys that you have in mind. They are such curious animals and they’ll always love to explore new toys.
These are just some of the ways you can do to keep your piggies happy. I’ve read that healthy and happy piggies tend to live longer so yeah we should do our best to give them the best life they can get. Afterall they are such loveable animals, don’t you agree?