Things you should know about guinea pigs
Hi there
Guinea pigs are such adorable animals to keep as pets yeah? They are really cute and are fun to have around but they are also a really huge and long term commitment both in terms of time and monetary aspect.
  1. Well-taken care of piggies have an average life span of about 5-7 years. That means you will have your buddies around for a long time if you take care of them well.
  1. They are social animals and they would need friends. They would be sad if they are alone so if you want to have guinea pigs, make sure you get a pair minimally. In Switzerland, it is illegal to just own 1 guinea pig as according to the government it is very cruel to isolate such a social animal from their friends.
  1. Guinea pigs can be potty trained! I read somewhere that if you consistent put their poop in a litter area, they will learn that that is their toilet area. I tried it out myself and it worked. Of course occasionally you will still find them peeing and pooping outside and everywhere else but it really makes the cage cleaner and easier to clean.
  1. Guinea pigs likes huge cage space. Sometimes they will run around the cage a few times happily. It also gives them the chance to exercise and keep their body fit. If you are looking to own guinea pigs, you can make your own C&C cage with materials from Daiso! These cages provide much more space for your piggies than the normal pet store cages.
  1. They like play-time. If you have a time, let them out of their cage every day for a small amount of time so that they get to roam around freely. It makes happier.
  1. They can be tamed as long as you are patient with them. Hand feeding them treats is one of the ways you can do to reach out to them. You can also cuddle them regularly and give them treats so that they will learn to know that you are their friend.