What kind of hay and pellets do guinea pigs eat?
This post here is to help aspiring guinea pig owners giving you some basic information on guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are very tender and mishandling of them during playtime might cause some serious injuries. Hence we should always take note not to place them on high grounds to prevent any possibilities of them falling off, hurting their legs and spine.
First off, we have to know what kind of food they eat and what not to eat.
Guinea pigs eat hay, lots of hay. They would have to be provided with unlimited amounts of hay daily. For young guinea pigs of age under 4 months old and pregnant guinea pigs, they would have to be given Alfafa Hay. You may be thinking why? Alfafa Hay contains higher content of protein and calcium which can aid these guinea pigs in their growth. The same for pellets, young cavies <4 months old should be given Alfafa pellets.
You may mix some Timothy hay into their racks to let them get accustomed to it so that the switch will be easier when they hit the adult phase at about 6 months old.
When they are adult, they should be fed Timothy hay and adult guinea pig pellets as too much of calcium from Alfafa pellets and hay in their diet can cause gastrointestinal problems and formation of bladder stones.
Remember though, pellets cannot replace hay as their main food source. Hay is what they need to have constantly.
This is also due to the biological functions of their bodies. Their molar teeth which they chew on are constantly growing. By having enough hay to chew on constantly promotes the healthy growth of their teeth.Overgrown molars will cause them to not be able to eat normally and that will create a very huge problem. If you notice that your guinea pigs are not eating well, it is best to bring your piggies to the vet to have them checked out.
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